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Monthly Subscription

By subscribing to the paid membership plan, your child will be able to unlock 4 new Courses every 30 days and have access to them until you ever wish to cancel your Membership.

This option offers you the most value for money by being able to access a variety of Courses which will be added to regularly.

I've restricted it to 4 courses every 30 days to ensure that your child doesn't get overwhelmed with choices and commits to finishing the projects for a Certificate and to have their finished work displayed in the Galleries.

All of the Courses will always be available to you throughout your Membership.

These are not live courses so your child can do the Courses at any time of the week that suits your schedule. Put in as much or as little time as they wish.

You will be billed every 30 days and you may cancel at any time.

Your child has the option of being sent a Certificate of Completion for every Course they complete and access to a weekly Live Zoom Feedback session with fellow students of the Course.

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